Service consultation and AEO certification

The company has experienced engaged in customs, trade, supply chain person, consulting including customs, trade ,related supply chain and logistics, the professionals in China and Hong Kong have been worked for seventeen years, covering all areas of business, including: Customs Policy , tax policy, foreign exchange management policy, the establishment of supply chain purchase centers, the establishment of corporate regional distribution centers zero inventory, foreign healthy, foreign relocation, foreign calculation etc.

The company professionals have rich practical experience, including: Bonded notebook agreements, items classification, free trade agreements, general international trade, comprehensive bonded logistics park, export processing areas, investment imported equipment, self-owned capital equipment imports, reduction of customs equipment duty regulatory requirements, bonded materials sales, transfer, disposal, other tariff and regulatory practices.

The company comply with the principles of service oriented ,service for benefits ,service to production .

一、Agency business

  • Registration

    a. foreign investment project

    b. industry and commerce ,taxation policy

    c. foreign trade record

    d. Customs Registration、change 、delay 、postphone

    e. Taxation Rigistration、change 、delay 、postphone

    f. Export Refund Tax

  • China Electronic port

    a. Applicate 、change 、postpone 、unlock

    b. Extend I-Key unlock

    c. Operator card changed ,add handle ,retroactive

    d. Corportator card changed ,retroactive

    e. Purchasing card reader ,CD

  • Approval

    a. Relief tax project record

    b. Changed relief tax project record

    c. Import equipment free tax certification applicated/Changed

    d. Approval foreign investment equipment

    e. Closed personal items

    f. Abroad students shopping cart

    g. High level imported sciencic items and self-owned items

  • Regulatory documents

    a. Old electronic equipment record ,change ,extension ,renewal

    b. Place of orginal place certification registration ,handing ,annual exaimation

    c. embassory of orgin place certification

    d. Electronic online registration

    e. Automatal imported slisence


a. Bonded notebook agreements

b. Applicate C/A ,place of orgin production certification

c. Manual verification coach

三、AEO certification

a. AEO authentication system

b. AEO general certification

c. AEO advanced certificition

四、Special training

a. Im-Exported commercial consulting

b. Annual customs cousulting

c. Healthy Examination

d. Upgraded coach ,custom coach

e. Im-Exported commercial class ,customs ,refund tax ,foreign compensive training

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